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Starbucks Nutrition

Starbucks nutrition and coffee nutrition facts

Eating well is as important as living well. So everything we offer is made from great, fresh-tasting ingredients.

Part of living well means finding the right balance for you. So whether you’re counting calories, watching your fat and sugar intake, or looking for more fiber or protein, we can help you make the choices that work.

On the Starbucks nutrition page you’ll find coffee nutrition facts and the nutritional facts behind the food and beverages you love. So now you’ll know what you’re getting with all that fine flavor. You can also learn about low-sugar option like our sugar-free coffee syrups.

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    Do you have a special request? We’ll customize your drink to order with nonfat milk, sugar-free syrup or other options.

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    We’ve removed the high fructose corn syrup and artificial trans fats, flavors and dyes. Your food not only tastes better, it is better.

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