Starbucks® Anniversary Blend

Starbucks® Anniversary Blend

Complex and full-bodied with distinctive spicy flavor that’s amazingly bold.

"Our goal was a robust, spicy cup of coffee—perfect for fall. We started with Aged Sumatra. Added New Guinea for balance. Then tied it all together with Sulawesi."
Anthony Carroll, Starbucks Master Blender

Long ago, coffee traveling from Indonesia to Europe was exposed to fluctuating temperatures in the wooden hulls of sailing ships. The unroasted beans took on intriguing flavors, much like the rare Aged Sumatra in this blend. Carefully aged for three to five years, the beans’ cedary spice notes and full body combine beautifully with other Asia / Pacific coffees.

The Return of Starbucks Tribute Blend

Tribute Blend is back

It’s true. We said we’d never bring it back. Starbucks Tribute Blend® was intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime coffee, created to celebrate you and the coffee producing communities around the world that grow the premium beans we’re so proud of. It’s a blend of four distinct coffees from around the world, incorporating the qualities each coffee growing region is famous for. The result is a spicy, full-bodied coffee with exotic notes of berry and dark cherry and a lush, syrupy mouthfeel. And you loved it.

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Tasting Notes:
Smooth and spicy with a butter and caramel finish
Enjoy with:
Rosemary focaccia with a creamy brie cheese