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Starbucks Espresso

That espresso beverage you hold is the result of devoted attention to growing and sourcing the world’s highest quality arabica beans, roasting them to perfection and putting them in the hands of our highly trained baristas.

Where it all began.

In 1983 Howard Schultz sat down with a caffè latte in a coffee shop in Milan, Italy. Inspired by the passion put into his espresso and the concept of a place where neighbors gathered daily around great coffee, he came up with the idea for today's Starbucks® store. And it all started with that one perfectly crafted espresso.

Today at Starbucks, it's that same passionate attention to detail that makes us who we are and ensures we put our craft in every cup. Our beans come a long way—from mountaintops to your Starbucks—and our baristas are dedicated to ensuring that the end of their journey to your waiting hands is highlighted by artistic precision. That's why they don't just steam milk—they listen carefully for the "tearing paper" sound that signifies it has reached the perfect temperature. And that's why they make sure to use each espresso shot immediately, before it begins to break down and become bitter.

  1. Macchiato

    A wonderful treat featuring layers of sweet drizzle, dense foam, rich espresso, steamed milk and an oh-so-sweet finish.

  2. Latte

    Delicious espresso and steamed milk always blend perfectly with whatever flavors you desire to add.

  3. Mocha

    Hot espresso and bittersweet chocolate melt together before mixing with steamed milk. A delicious treat.

  4. Cappuccino

    Dark, rich espresso lies in wait under a smoothed and stretched layer of thick foam. It's truly the height of our baristas' craft.

  5. Americano

    A celebration of espresso flavor—hot water poured over rich espresso for a cup that is as deep and dark as the coffee bean itself.

  6. Espresso

    The heart and soul of all our espresso beverages. Each shot we pull has three distinct layers that create a deep, rich flavor.