Complex & Herbal
A wild and wonderful blend.

The Story of Komodo Dragon Blend®
Deep, untamed flavors ripple through. Earthy, herbal and complex with a lingering spice. The scent is like a stroll through the forest just after a rain. This is the essence of coffees from Indonesia, and no other beans bring these flavors. Our master coffee blenders have done something remarkable. Knitting together the best pieces of the region’s coffees perfectly—allowing each taste to shine through clearly. It is an experience that would otherwise never exist. And is as extraordinary and wild as its namesake.

Body: Full
Acidity: Low
Processing: Washed & Semi-Washed

Is your coffee in the grocery stores the same as the coffee in your stores?
Absolutely—only the packaging is different. This is so you can easily find your Starbucks favorites in the coffee aisle.

My Favorite Bold Coffee #4 – Komodo Dragon Blend®

Komodo Dragon Blend® is a wonderful and unique blend of Asia/Pacific coffees. It has a powerful, big body, but the overall impression is refreshing because of its herbal nuances and soft cinnamon flavor. The aroma is earthy and intriguing.

I tasted this coffee for the first time six years ago. At that time, I tasted black pepper. I did not understand the key word “spicy” until I tried Komodo Dragon Blend®. Spicy is the sensation of tingling on the tongue – sometimes a warm spice like cinnamon or a hot spice like pepper.

I loved pairing food with this coffee. One of my favorites is a toasted bagel with cheese and basil, or a simple pizza that puts on salami and olive with a touch of black pepper.

If I am looking for a sweet food pairing, I recommend a coffee press of Komodo Dragon Blend® with a cinnamon roll or cinnamon and chocolate. In Starbucks Japan, we developed a chocolate bar that pairs well with this coffee. It is a perfect treat for a coffee break on weekday.

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  • Whole Bean Coffee
Tasting Notes:
Earthy and layered with notes of fresh herbs and a lingering spice.
Full-bodied and bold.
Enjoy with:
Cinnamon-dusted French toast and hanging paper lanterns.

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