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Internal Opportunities

Internal Opportunities

Store partners have the unique ability to continue their career journey at Starbucks. We want all of our partners to have the opportunity to advance their career, and we’re dedicated to supporting your commitment to personal development and growth. To becoming your personal best. Learn about the many entry-level, non-retail opportunities where you can apply your store experience and passion for our brand.

Partner Stories

Every retail partner who chooses to transition into a non-retail role at Starbucks has their own unique story and path, and their experiences and perspective are valuable assets to their new role and team.

Jordan, who was a store manager and is now a partner in Global and Americas Operations, shares that “dealing with the constant ambiguity of operating a retail store prepared me for experiences in the support center. Projects change and you need to know how to be nimble and shift priorities. Everything I did in the stores and continue to do in my role is through the lens of the customer and partner.”

Adrian, currently a finance partner at Starbucks, shares, “retail was good for me while I was in school because of the flexibility. However, my skillset was more in line with opportunities in the non-retail world. I first started out in retail accounting and I was able to relay my experience with a tangible substance to it. We would receive emails from store partners concerning the profit and loss statements, and I had a unique understanding of both sides - accounting and operations.”

Time Limited Assignments

Time Limited Assignments are available exclusively to current partners. They are a great way to gain experience and exposure to new areas, and can help you determine if a particular career path is right for you. Additionally, they offer the chance to work on specific deliverables and achievable goals throughout the assignment. Assignments typically last for three to six months and have a defined start and end date. To find opportunities, sign into the Current Partners page.